Green Man Said: Seven Seas Behind


Shasha Zhang is from the city of Cheng Du, in Szechwan, China. She's a dear friend and one of the most technically accomplished musicians I have ever met.

I had seen local band Fire in the Kitchen, featuring an incendiary Chinese violinist, at an Irish festival in a Fort Lauderdale football stadium in 2002, so when I walked into a bar called The Field one night in May 2003 where Shasha and Mark Kane were playing as a duo I was pleased to have finally caught up with a remarkable musical personality. As it turned out, the night proved very significant for me, as I became a regular attendee, and was inspired by the quality of the music subsequently to quit the rock band I was playing with and return to my acoustic roots. Mark introduced me to Kynch O'Kaine who plays whistle on this track, and the four of us played a single very memorable gig together at Luna Star Cafe in April 2004 which people still remember fondly.
By May 2004 Shasha was working on the arrangement of Seven Seas Behind with me on home demos, and in October of that year we went into Ridenour Studios to begin recording the album-proper. I always had a very clear idea of how this song should sound, with violin and uilleann pipes. Seven Seas Behind is the album's most important song for me, and so it was the first song that we worked on. Eamonn's pipes made it also the last song that we finished. Seven Seas Behind represents the real beginning as well as the real end of Green Man Said.


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