Green Man Said: Because You Said So


When it finally came time to mix the album, producer Looch felt that this track "mixed itself," and yet it had been one of the most difficult to work out. Mark and I had tried it with two guitars only, and with the girls and added percussion, but somehow a song which works tastily live with just one or two acoustic guitars was losing it in translation. I went ahead and brought back Diane and bassist Mitch Mestel on full rhythm section, and with their sure instincts they kept it sensitive, but it was only when Bobby O'Donovan (pictured in session), a multi-instrumentalist of superlative technique and taste, came in and added what he was hearing - banjo and country fiddle in this case, that the track came together for me. Over the course of the project, Bobby's provided lots of input and criticism over cups of strong tea and a boom box at his kitchen table, and listening to his stories, and to songs he has sung me at those times I've often felt that the hindus are right - that the music is always there like an ocean, and that when we play we are merely swimmers. Bobby, however, is one of the deep-divers.

This is certainly not the way the track was originally planned - Mark and I still hope to record our all-acoustic album together one day soon - but at some point this project did develop its own life and logic, and this is the way I think the track wanted to be on this album in the hands of these players. The lyric is the album's lightest and happiest, and Bobby's fiddle part here captures the sound of a man who is, in this particular moment at least, truly happy.


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