Green Man Said: Poison Girls


The feel of this song has varied radically before assuming its final form as an homage to 50's and 60's pop via the effervescent harmonies of Tali Ben David-Connell, Jodi Marr, and Leigh Johnson(pictured at Ridenour Studios). I was hearing The Angels, The Ronettes, The Shangri-La's, but the girls finally confessed that they had actually been channeling The Monster Mash all along instead.

Various keyboard sounds were auditioned, and the wonderful Lori Watterson even gamely essayed the dreaded Casio SK-100, a 1980's first-generation consumer sampler (file under child's toys) at one point, though we finally settled on a synth sound discovered by Brendan O'Hara, after I had asked him to try to approximate "a quacking duck." (Live, I occasionally throw in a quote from OMD's 80's take on this chord sequence, Enola Gay, weather permitting).


I had hoped to recreate the 50's space-surf sound of the Tornados' Telstar with the lead guitar line, but when it came to the final mix, we conceded that dollops of reverb just weren't going to work, and so the guitar remains relatively earthbound until the finale, a nightmare for producer Looch, who grumbled that with girls, guitars, violins and keyboards too, we'd thrown in everything but the kitchen sink. Luckily, nothing can completely destroy this classic 50's chord sequence.


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