Green Man Said: Introduction


Green Man Said features twenty-eight musicians and has taken a number of years to complete. After initial home demos and preliminary recordings in back of a gallery in Miami's Design District with Steve Watt, the album was actually in production at Ridenour Studios in Fort Lauderdale for two years, starting in October 2003. Finishing touches were added at Miami Beach Recording Studios, where the album was later mixed by Looch. Mastering was performed over Christmas 2005 by Toby Mountain at Northeastern Digital of Southborough, Massachusetts, which had done a sterling job on my friend Mark Kane's 2004 album Fool's Dark Evening, not to mention having mastered the original appearance of Bill Morrissey's spooky "Robert Johnson" on his 1992 album Inside. Rich Good at designed the packaging, which includes a really beautiful 16 page booklet.
The evolution of the album has been organic --its title song was not written until October 2004, for the birth of Theo Semper, for example-- but the aim has always been to present the songs in the settings they required, without regard for consistency of genre, marketability, live practicality or any dubious "authenticity," in the belief that some kind of coherence would reveal itself as the project progressed. I'm proud to call the players on Green Man Said friends of mine, as they're all wonderful people and their musical abilities are extraordinary. I hope you'll take the tour and find out more about how Green Man Said came about, and then go ahead and check out the players' pages, and pick up their albums too. This one has taken a long time because I wanted to get it right. I hope you like it.

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