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          Name______________ Class___________________


          1 A: ____________________________________?

          B: I usually go to school by bus.

          2 A: ____________________________________?

          B: They go to England by plane.

          3 A: ____________________________________?

          B: Yes, I can go to Beijing by plane.

          4 A: ____________________________________?

          B: I like fall best.

          5 A: ____________________________________?

          B: The tiger is running.

          6 A: __________________________________?

          B: The school is west of the library.

          7 .A: __________________________________?

          B: You can go to Canada by plane.

          8.A: __________________________________?

          B: No, there isn’t a supermarket near my home . supermarket

          9.A: __________________________________?

          B: I usually clean the room on the weekend..

          10.A: __________________________________?

          B: My birthday is on June 2nd. June 2nd

          11. A: _____________________________________?

          B: We are going to play sports this afternoon.

          12.A: _______________________________________?

          B: Yes, I am going to buy a comic book tonight.

          13.A: _______________________________________?

          B: No, Mr. Black is going to Shanghai by ship.

          14.A: ________________________________________?

          B: The boy is going to read books this afternoon.

          15.A: ________________________________________?

          B: He is going to the zoo by bus.

          16.A: _____________________________________?

          B: I like listening to music.

          17.A: ____________________________________?

          B: My mother likes watching TV.

          18.A: _____________________________________?

          B: They are going to climb mountains this weekend.


          B: Yes, Liu Yun goes to school by bus.

          20.A: ______________________________________?

          B: No, the boy likes reading books.

          21. A: ___________________________________?

          B: I am an artist.

          22.A: ___________________________________?

          B: My uncle is a TV reporter.

          23.A: ___________________________________?

          B: She works in a bank.

          24.A: ___________________________________?

          B: Miss Wang goes to work by bike.

          25.A: ___________________________________?

          B: They often plant trees on the weekend.

          26. A: ____________________________________?

          B: First, put some seeds into a pot.

          27.A: ____________________________________?

          B: It comes from the clouds.

          28. A: ____________________________________?

          B: It’s sunny today.

          29.A: ____________________________________?

          B: Miss Li is an accountant.

          30.A: ____________________________________?

          B: I can see a sprout in the pot.


          I go to Beijing by bus.


          No, there is a library next to the supermarket .

          33. ____________________________________

          I’m going to the cinema this evening.


          . Yes, they are planting trees.


          She is going to read books at 3 o’ clock..

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