Green Man Said: Contents    
  Green Man Said - Introduction Green Man Said - Poison Girls Green Man Said - World Gets in the Way Green Man Said - featuring Diane Ward Green Man Said - Night on Earth featuring Magda Hiller Should I Wear the Beautiful featuring Lori Watterson Out Tonight featuring Rockin' Johnny Fial Brother Judas - featuring Rebel Crewe Skeleton Crew - featuring Rebel Crewe Because You Said So - featuring Bobby O'Donovan 7 Seas Behind - with Shasha Zhang & Eamonn Dillonn Robert Johnson - with The Original Gravity Band

Ade Peever

Mark Kane

Shasha Zhang

Bobby O'Donovan

Diane Ward

John Camacho

Fernando Perdomo

Jodi Marr

Tali Ben David-Connell

Leigh Johnson

Lori Watterson

Johnny Fialkowski

Bob Miller

Doug Freeman


Simon Tipple

Iain Bellingham-Smith

Tim Lyttle

Ken Quistorff

Matt Schuler

Brendan O'Hara

Magda Hiller

Henk Milne

Mitch Mestel

Jack Shawde


Kynch O'Kaine

Eamonn Dillonn

Jimmy Blankenship



Engineering and Production: Mark Hornsby, Looch.  Live sound at The Roscoe, Leeds UK: Duncan Tulloch. Mastering by Toby Mountain at Northeastern Digital, Southborough, MA. Package design by Rich Good at

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