Green Man Said: Brother Judas

When I heard that the town council in my old home town had decided to amputate the First World War memorial from the town centre and replace it with a water fountain, in spite of a local petition signed by thousands, I was outraged. Though the disingenuous argument was being made that a site dignifies its monument rather than the other way around, I had very strong opinions on the matter and set about writing them down. The result was a tub thumper which I hadn't been working on long before the unmistakably Joe-Strummeresque tones of Henk Milne began to suggest themselves. (How Strummer beat Henk to Shane MacGowan's old job remains a mystery.) Henk is one of my original musical peers in Miami, and, as between us we pretty much constitute Miami's Celtic rock scene in its entirety, we've been aware of each other's activities since the late 80's. I invited Henk to participate, and he tore into the project with his usual gusto, bringing along most of his large band, The Volunteers (including Diane Ward and Jack Shawde), disguised on this occasion as Rebel Crewe (pictured after a show in Sunrise, FL), to give voice to the names on the wall of the Crewe War memorial, on plaques which have now been removed from the centre of one of the last towns in England to put a war memorial to its dead up in the first place. While the plinth is to be resituated, no one seems sure yet what will happen to the names. The song generated a lot of local press, and Henk and I did radio interviews both with US and BBC radio and made the song available as a free audio download, and freely available as a sort of memorial in itself it will remain, as long as I have anything to do with it.


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