Green Man Said: Should I Wear the Beautiful

The album reaches its most minimalist with this track, which features only unadorned voice and piano. I had recorded various home demo versions when I asked Rod Bauer if he would add a piano part. Rod came up with an arrangement so captivating that it was clearly time to apply the less-is-more lesson and present the track as a plain piano ballad. Unfortunately, Rod moved to music school in New York before it was time to record the song properly. In March 2004 I had begun dropping in regularly to a local martini bar to listen to Lori Watterson playing the great American songbook, and before long I'd prevailed upon her to help out. Lori (pictured here in session for Poison Girls) took Rod's arrangement and adapted it to her own jazzier and less ornamented style to create the final track. Lori had a requirement that this track had to be a "live take." That is, she wanted us to keep doing takes together, with piano and voice being recorded at the same time without any overdubs later, until we had captured a genuine conversation between the feel of the vocal and the responding piano. As a result, Should I Wear the Beautiful is the album's most "real" performance.


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